When you hire Bartolo to build your new home, you get two contractors for the price of one.  Hyman Bartolo, Jr. and Gerald Mire bring unparalleled experience to the planning, construction, and finishing of your new home.  Each contributes his own areas of expertise to a project, working together as a system of checks and balances. 

With two sets of trained and practiced eyes watching every detail, you can rest easy knowing your home will be constructed on-time, within budget, and using only the highest building standards.

It's the teamwork of Hyman Bartolo, Jr., and Gerald Mire that makes Hyman L. Bartolo, Jr. Contractors the outstanding choice for new homes in the New Orleans metropolitan area.


Hyman and Gerald pride themselves on building the homes their clients have always dreamed about.  When a client walks in off the street, Bartolo begins the process of working to define the home buyer's vision.  Teamed with architects and interior designers, the partners sit with each buyer to define what kind of home they want -- then find ways to make it happen accounting for neighborhood, price range, and lot size.

It's Bartolo's decade of experience that makes it possible to build the best home for the price.  For example, if facing a budget problem in the kitchen, Gerald may point out to you that you can get an elegant look by using good granite and beautiful hardware with cherry-stained maple cabinets and save money over using solid cherry cabinets.  Or perhaps he'll notice that the whirlpool tub you chose for the bathroom has two motors when one is more than enough.

Budget is only one important aspect of homebuilding.  Bartolo Contractors also brings its experience to bear on style, livability, and luxury amenities.  When you hire Hyman and Gerald, expect that no angle of the home will be left unexamined.


From Acadian to Country French, your new Bartolo home will be the home of your dreams.


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